Character Recognition


The following video shows robot AIBO reading both, Japanese and English words.   An explanation of the developed method for character recognition can be seen in the following page.

Explanation of the video

The robot is reading each one of the following words:



Applying the developed method, AIBO is able to find characters and recognize them.    The present software was developed using C++ Language and the recognition process is divided into the following steps: 

  1. The "module for Interaction" which is communicating with the robot AIBO using a Wireless LAN, send images from the robot AIBO to a PC. 

  2. The "module for recognition" takes that image in order to apply the developed method for recognition using an Artificial Neural Network. 

  3. Results are sent from the "module for recognition" to the "module for Interaction".

  4. The "module for Interaction"  read the recognition results and execute an action.  That action can be a response to the recognized word by moving his body like "Stand up", "Lie down", or "Move back", or just "saying" how to read that word in Japanese or English.

  5. go to step 1.


Video - Robot Aibo reading in Japanese





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