Counting lines

This is a novel method for Machine Vision developed in order to identify and count lines existing in digital images.  The counting process is done by using a CCD camera using just a few milliseconds.

The method is able to detect lines and track them finding complete trajectories from the beginning to the end.

The algorithm works by finding and analyzing relations inside and outside the lines.   In this way, it is able to find corners, places where lines are crossing, straight sections, curves, etc.  After identifying these special places, the algorithm solve continuities and properly define complete trajectories. 

Figure 1, shows some results after applying this method.   Original Images are shown to the left and recognized lines are shown to the right.   In order to show answers, 9 colors were defined and lines are shown using all these colors in order.  After the last color is reached, the first color is used again, then the second, and so on.



Figure 1.  Results obtained after using this method.  Lines are defined using different colors.


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