RoboCup Japan Open 2003

This event was celebrated in Niigata Japan from April 29 to May 4 2003.   My team was composed only by my wife, my two children and me.   We obtained one of the 6 best scores out of 12 teams.   This time, AIBO participated as a goalkeeper.   Balls were thrown and AIBO had to stop them in order to avoid the goal.  It had to recognize when the ball was coming and throw his body to the place where the ball was supposed to enter into the goal.    There was one condition:  its body only could occupy maximum 50 percent of the goal.  So that, its body had to keep its position perpendicular to the goal.   In order to do this,  I developed a neural network system which was able to know what to do in case of any strong change in its body position.  Looking the angles given by the white laterals lines and the position of this two lines,  AIBO was able to know how to return to its original position.

The developed neural network had one hidden layer, 6 input units and 6 output units.   Every time the robot was looking to the left and to the right, it measured the distance from the bottom to the white line in pixels in three different places.  Figure 1 shows an example.




Figure 1. Distances from the bottom to the white lateral line in the soccer field.


Three distances were measured to the left and three to the right.  They were the 6 input units to the neural network.  As the output,  6 different commands were codified.  Depending on the configuration of the 6 input distances, a different command was produced like "go left", "go right", "move to the left using only the front legs", "move to the right using only the rear legs". etc.   As a result,  the robot always was able to return to the initial position just by looking a pair of times to the left and then to the right.  


Figure 2.  The neural network configuration.


Programs were developed using OpenR which is the development environment based on gcc (C++) which is used on robots created by Sony.


Videos of my participation and other teams participation can be seen here.







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