Welcome to my Web site (ようこそ)

Hello! I am Oscar Vanegas.  I came several years ago to Japan in order to study a master and PhD in the pattern recognition field at the Nagoya Institute of Technology (page in Japanese).  During the last 28 years I have had the opportunity to work for the Research Laboratories of National Panasonic and Samsung Electronics in this country.

Parallel to my activities, I have been doing some research in robotics using the robot AIBO (from Sony).   In this page, I would like to mention some things about  both, the research aspect and the robotic activities.    


These are the subjects for which I have worked as a researcher. As part of the robotic activities, I have participated in some robotic contests in Japan.  Research aspects and competitions results are shown in this section.  

My team was composed only by my wife, my two children and me. 

Click here to see a picture of my team, - RoboCup 2003, Niigata, Japan.

One important characteristic of Asian countries is that they have a lot of beautiful places to visit.    Come and see some of my favorite images taken in this continent. You can contact me by letting me know your comments or by writing to me directly to my e-mail address.    

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